Website Tracker for Affiliate Links: Secrets You Should Know

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In times of global connection, affiliate marketing has become a fast and easy way to reach your audience with new people and cooperate with brands for the common benefit. All you need to participate is to create a website, find reliable partners, and post a reference to the advertising on your platform.

Another issue is monitoring the productivity of your ads – how to know, which partners are beneficial? The problem is even more actual when you cope with several companies. For this, entrepreneurs use website trackers. The instrument allows to boost the performance and opens new opportunities for building a business strategy.

See the main secrets and hidden profit of traffic tracking. 

Affiliate Marketing: What You Need to Know

In 2020, affiliate programs offer wide possibilities for cooperation and using your Internet platforms with profit for both sides. See how it works:

  • After creating and filling your website, you apply for partnership
  • Entrepreneurs with the relatable topic, budget, and other matching conditions offer to post the link to advertised service on your website. It may be a hidden advertising or a straight mention
  • You get paid for every click on your link

Usually, advertisers track visits with the help of special software. It sends cookies to the user’s device and monitors his/her activity. This way you can learn how many people clicked on the link or made a purchase. Website traffic tracker is an essential part of affiliate marketing – it helps to understand the audience and cut only profitable deals. Using this tool wisely, you can boost your business and develop the partnership.

Why Do I Need Affiliate Links Tracker?

So, you’ve created a platform on the affiliate website builder, found the first clients, and run the ads. You may ask yourself, what’s the point of bothering about the tracker, especially when the advertiser is responsible for this aspect?

In truth, neglecting analytics is a common mistake that steals your income. See it yourself:

  • Compare the productivity. Seeing the results of all ads together as a system, you can easily contrast them and decide what posts, links, and activities were the best.
  • Build a future strategy. Take the previous experience into account and work only with your audience’s favorites. Create posts, similar to successful ones, and avoid past mistakes.
  • Protect yourself. Unfair entrepreneurs may understate your results or use low-quality software. Be fully responsible for your profit and control the process.
  • Useful Plugins. In addition to statistics, most programs provide useful functions. As an example, you can shorten the link to make it more attractive.
  • Literacy. Skills in analytics and making forecast are necessary for affiliate marketers. Instead of being “another web-site owner” become a competent entrepreneur who knows the value of his services.

Turning to website visitors tracker, you improve the quality and protect yourself. Nowadays it is an essential tool for professionals.

Best Tools for Link Tracking

The quality of the chosen service is a matter of accuracy and the level of your income. We gathered the best 5 options with special features to help yours in making a wise decision.

#1 Google Analyticswebsite traffic tracker

Eternal classic – Google provides some of the best instruments for ads and analytics. The program allows you to gather the visitors’ data and analyze their activity.

All you need is to sign in and set the properties, after which the program generates am individual code. Paste it on the needed pages to trach the activity there. You will know the location, gender, and age of your visitors, as well as processes that took place – time spent on pages, transitions, and clicks.

#2 Voluumwebsite visitors tracker

It is usually called one the most complete services – indeed, the number of functions allow making deep research and tries useful functions.

The particularity is that Voluum is a cloud-hosting service, which has a positive impact on the performance. Moreover, you won’t invest much with such an approach.

#3 Link Trustwebsite traffic tracker

The service can pick and differentiate clicks, leads, calls, and other types of interactions. You will be given detailed statistics about the data and other visitors’ preferences.

Another feature is special attention to mobile traffic. In the fast and dynamic world, more and more users turn to mobile devices – even social media marketing became a separate sphere, which is a clear illustration of today’s tendencies. Link trust divides mobile traffic as a special aspect and analyzes it in detail.

#4 HasOfferswebsite visitors tracker

One of the most popular trackers nowadays, HasOffers gives reliable statistics without delays and misreporting. It also protects from the fraud and separate bots and real customers based on their behavior, which opens a clear view of your audience.

If you only begin the implementation of trackers into your work, it is a perfect choice – 30 days of free use are offered to ensure you in the reliability and benefit of such service.

#5 CAKEwebsite visitors tracker

Another one cloud-based software to maximize the accuracy and lower the charges for analysis. Grace to it, you can get metrics in real-time to track the rates of new advertising and provide your partner with clear information. On their website, CAKE also promises fraud protection and 24/7 support.

The price here is flexible and depends on your tasks and requirements. Thus, there are 3 main plans: Pro, Select, and Enterprise.

With the expansion of affiliate program market, comes the necessity of competent partners. There are plenty of platforms, ready to post any kind of ads, which automatically lower the cost for services. The question nowadays is, how productive the partnership will be and what profit can you offer to the client. To answer this, you should be literate in such issues as statistics, target audience of your platform, and other features, essential for Internet marketing.

Such knowledge is easier than it may seem – you only need a reliable website tracker and some basic skills and analytics. Choose the right tracker today to boost your performance and build a qualitative partnership.

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