About us

Profitner stands for “Sharing Profit with Partners” and its mission is a quality and fair cooperation with the partners. The Company aims to assist businesses and financial institutions and works with the operated affiliate marketing programs for the financial products and services they own via Profitner’s fast-growing affiliate network.

We are focused on the performance-based marketing for insurance, personal, credit, retail and business lending, deposit acquisition. Our sphere of work enables us to maintain the demands of our partners in a better way. The Company is able to cope with the specific issues that are uncommon to the financial industry.


Profitner enables the publishers to monetize traffic with the most applicable and targeted projects.

Become a publisher! It is an opportunity to forget about the identical affiliate ads, especially if they did not meet your content or the clients’ needs.

Legal & Compliance

The Company is aware of the necessity of abiding by the financial marketing demands and rules. The legal department is constantly monitoring the changes of the legal regulation. Our affiliate department representatives are observantly controlling what service is promoting you and the methods it uses.

Our Network

We are focused on building a strong and long-lasting partnership. The Profitner managers strive to establish an environment that will boost the success of the network partners. The Company works hard to ensure that every person it works with, gets a high-touch feedback loop and therefore, a proficient and sustainable development of the partner’s campaign.

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