Privacy Policy (The “Profitner” or “we”) owns the website (“the Website”). has committed to protect your privacy. We realize you would like to keep your information safe and undisclosed. This Privacy Policy has been designed to assist you in decision making about using the Service and to what amount to trust it. The Privacy Policy also gives information about how we collect, keep and utilize information about people who use The Service. The Services are provided to you by the Profitner which is registered at

The Agreement To Use Information

Privacy Policy is the document to legally obligate you (“you” or “user”) and Profitner Company. When you visit, access or utilize the Website or App, give your information to us in any amount or format, you, therefore, agree to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, which can be altered at times. You also agree to the terms of collecting and usage of your information by the rules that are described in the Privacy Policy. Please refresh your knowledge of the Privacy Policy at times for you to be aware of any changes in the terms.

PROVIDED YOU DON’T AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE PRIVACY POLICY, DON’T USE THE SERVICE HEREON AFTER AND UNINSTALL THE APP. All the information provided in the terms and Conditions is directly related to these terms of Privacy and Policy. Alongside This Policy, please also consider the terms of the cookie Policy which are referred here.

What Information We Collect From You

1) Non-Personal Information – We keep some non-personally identifiable information (“Non-Personal Information”), which is geo-location, your web inquiry, browser type, the language of the browser, the web pages that you used or visited before going to the website or utilizing the App, URLs platform type, the number of clicks. Landing pages, pages viewed and the order of the viewing and the amount of time spent on those pages. This information is collected and kept die you security reasons so that we can statistically assess the usage of the track, audit our subordinate enterprises and count the payment to the third parties.


Non-Personal Information is gathered via Cookies. When you access the website we may cookies. Cookies are represented by small text files which are on put on the user’s device to identify the user’s preferences. Cookie Policy on the Website provides you with detailed information about how we collect the data and use it. There is also information in the Cookies Policy about how you can turn them off and control them.

Web Beacons

Web Beacons are small pieces of code which are places on the website to watch the user’s behavior on the web page.

(2) Personal Information – Personal Information is the data which is represented by your name, sex, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, IP address.

As Soon as you create an Account we are going to collect Personal Information from you. An account is required to be made for you to access the certain pages of the website. The data, which will be collected from your account holds your name, email address, password and phone number.

You can also create an Account using information from social networking accounts (“Third Party Account”). If you do so, you will be able to access the Website through the Third Party account. You will be informed about it with the help of the icons popped up on the website. This way you allow you the Website to use the Third Party Account information as well.

Any information that you share on the Third Party Account will also be collected by the Website. The regulations to what we use the information from the Third Party account are enabled by the account settings and the Third Party Account Website Privacy Policy.

Any Non-Personal Information which is connected to the Personal Information is treated as such.

The Objective of Collecting This Information

Once you are willing to access the Website, you will be asked to fill in a form with your information. The field on the form, which will be marked with an asterisk is obligatory to fill in. You may refuse to fill in optional fields with information and still be allowed to use the Website (unless otherwise is required by the form).

If you fail to fill in the obligatory fields or provide incorrect personal information we may not fully give you the access to the information on the Website. The amount of information described above is collected in order to provide the users with the full range of the Website’s services.

Profitner collects Non-Personal Information for your own research and statistics. It helps us develop, organize and better the Service based on your preferment, utilizing and interactions with the Services. It also helps the Service process information you request and offer you the most reliable services.

The cookies we and the Parties collect are used to collect information about the user. Your personal information may also be used by the marketing partners to deliver the marketing offers you might like. Personal Information is also required to provide our clients with technical support and assistance.

Who Receives This Information

The Personal and Non-Personal Information that we collect may be shared within the group of companies we cooperate with any third parties that are described in the Privacy Policy as well: (i) the third parties which include email services providers and data verifiers may ask you use your information to provide you with better service on the website; (ii) the third parties that the Company their services may also use your information; (iii) the third parties that advice on the auditing any of the Company’s business processes may see your information; (iv) potential buyers or investors of the Company can see your information.

The amount to which the third parties will use your information be controlled by the data processing agreement in the lawful form. Your information will be handled according to the statutory data protection rights and the relevant laws.

The recipients of the information will keep it confidential. We can also share your personal and other information in some cases if it is extremely necessary.

The specials cases in which we can use your information are described below: (i) to carry out the law or order of court; (ii) to avoid address fraud, violation of security, the violation of our policies or some technical problems; (iii) to validate the provisions of this Privacy Policy and other agreements between you and; or (iv) to prevent any harm to the rights, property and safety of the Company and third parties.

Direct Marketing

In order to receive promotional materials, your information may be shared with one or many broker(s) (“The Broker’). The information that may be shared includes your full name, phone number, and emails address. Your information will only be shared if you decide to do so in while you fill in the registration form. You can refuse to receive promotional information by unsubscribing from such service anytime.

When you do so, your information will no longer be used for promotional purposes. The Broker may separate provide you with the username or password to access his website. In this case, you will need to unsubscribe from the Broker’s website additionally.

Use of Information

The Company is allowed to collect and store data as long as we decide it is necessary, relevant and in accordance with the Law.

The right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Objection

You are free to access, cancel or object to the use of your information on the Website. In order to do so, you need to file a request at

Security and Confidentiality

The Company keeps your information in total confidentiality. The server where the information is kept has industry-standard security measures to keep information from being accidentally breached, lost or illegally accessed. However, we cannot fully guarantee that any of the above will not happen to your information. You voluntarily allow it.

Links to Other Websites

The Privacy Policy applies to the Service and the affiliates. This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to the third party websites which have links to our website. Such websites have their own Privacy Policies and we highly recommend you consider the details there.

Also, read the terms and conditions agreement on the third parties’ websites. If you agree to those terms, you also agree to the terms and conditions of the third parties’ websites. You are also aware of all the risks connected with the disclosure of your information.


Profitner may transmit or transfer your information without notification and without the need to obtain your agreement to third parties as a result of a change in control, consolidation, merger, acquisition or reorganization. You are aware that in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings, we cannot control the use and transfer of your Personal Information.

Updates to This Policy

This privacy policy can be changed. Please check the “Last Modified” header at the bottom of the document to find out when the last privacy policy was updated the last time. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will come into effect after we publish the revised Privacy Policy on the Website. Your use of the Website or the Service or the provision of personal information after any changes indicates that you accept the updated Privacy Policy.

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