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Living at the end of the month is not an easy feat for many Americans. Thus, seven out of ten Americans struggled to make ends meet. There are many reasons for that, and not keeping track of their finances is one of the key ones. It seems, knowing your expenses should be high on your list when short of cash. But the reality shows another key reason – people don’t put credit scores off the top of their heads. 

Thus, Americans tend to pay by ear when it comes to budgets, while three in five of those don’t know what they spent last month. And that boils down to the fact that Americans overspend an average of $7,5000 each year.

And when they struggle with debt, people regret how much they send and use payday loans to cover recurring expenses or emergencies. Just because the market is full of payday loan affiliate programs, you can earn a good out of it. With digitalization, people least depend on their job to keep their pockets full. And when you plan on money-making, why not start matching up seekers with lenders that can provide them with funds.

Finally, if you want to enter the consumer loan space and get familiar with a consumer lending business, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the list of 10 payday loan affiliate programs to start off making money.

#1 Profitnerprofitner affiliate

  • Commission Type – CPA, CPL;
  • Referral Commission – Up to 90%;
  • Payment Frequency – Net-15;
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Payoneer, Wire.

Profitner opens up the list of LeadsGate alternatives in the consumer lending business. This legit affiliate network with 10+ years in payday loans affiliate marketing can help sell up to 90% of leads.

As a partner, you can earn up to $230 per solid lead. They offer support and effecting tools for every publisher to get the ball rolling. Thus, you can use automated software to track analytics, converting landing pages, banners, forms, API modern CRM, and much more.

Why Promote Profitner?

The program offers a good way to increase revenue. Learn how you can benefit from this huge niche with Profitner.

#2 Zero ParallZero Parallel affiliate

  • Commission Type – CPA, CPL;
  • Referral Commission – 3%;
  • Payment Frequency – Monthly, Weekly;
  • Payment Method – Wire, Check, ACH, PayPal, WebMoney, Visa QIWI Wallet, e-Payments, Yandex.Money, Payoneer.

Zero Parallel is next in line we have for today. It is a payday and loan lead generator company you can use to your benefit. With over 15 years of experience in short-term loans, the company is one of the leaders in its niche. Zero Parallel works with both affiliates and lenders. As a partner, you earn yourself a healthy commission for each visitor you send to Zero Parallel.

The payout level is anywhere from $2 to $200 on average. When you generate $1,000 or more per month, Zero Parallel can reward you with a monthly bonus of $3,000 in cash. This reward works for a random affiliate. As a lender, you can benefit from a direct call service that connects you with prospective leads.

Why Promote Zero Parallel?

With Zero Parallel, you can earn money as an affiliate or advertiser. There is no minimum or maximum that you can make. In the end, this all comes down to understanding your traffic.

#3 LendUplendup affiliate program

  • Commission Type – CPA;
  • Referral Commission – N/A;
  • Payment Frequency – Monthly;
  • Payment Method – Bank Wire Transfer.

LendUp is another favorite when it comes to payday loan affiliate programs. The company approves nearly every applicant building a team of repeat customers. As a partner, you can earn a minimum commission of $100 per sale. And the numbers in check depend on your traffic quality.

Once you join the program, you get access to many resources, including static & animated banners, text links, special offers, you name it. The company uses its own HasOffers platform so that they skip paying the fee to a third-party platform. As a result, affiliates are at an advantage by getting more.

Why Promote LendUp?

The program is fast and easy to use. That could be one of the key advantages when converting prospect browsers into buyers.

#4 Avantavant affiliate program

  • Commission Type – CPS;
  • Referral Commission – N/A;
  • Payment Frequency – Net-25;
  • Payment Method – PayPal, ACH, Bank Transfer.

Avant is a personal loans lender that has garnered over 600,000 customers since 2012. For marketers, commission payouts vary. There are lots of products to promote. But Avant is overall a good affiliate program to use. The program is free to join.

The program offers advanced, cutting-edge tools for affiliates and merchants. Thus, you can use image/Banner & Text campaigns, as well as Video, Flash, or HTML ad units. The program also offers cost-per-sale tracking and technology.

Why Promote Avant?

Undoubtedly, there is much potential to earn with Avant. Join the program to decide if this type of opportunity is right for you.

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#5 Dr.Creditdrcredit leadsgate alternative

  • Commission Type – CPL, CPS;
  • Referral Commission – N/A;
  • Payment Frequency – Weekly;
  • Payment Method – ACH (Direct Deposit).

Dr.Credit is a legit personal loans provider that works for people with bad credit right off the bat. Of course, it can work for people with good and fair credit, too. You can make 15 percent on all sales and per lead referral commission on all completed applications as a marketer. The program operates through the iDevAffiliate platform and offers many links and resources to promote the brand in the industry.

Why Promote Dr.Credit?

As an affiliate, you can earn with each referral and bonus revenue from extra sales. The program offers the features you want and need to help you promote it in this niche. Join it to see what’s possible for you in this program.

#6 Payday Mansionleadsgate alternative company

  • Commission Tpe – CPA;
  • Referral Commission – 5%;
  • Payment Frequency – Net-15;
  • Payment Method – PayPyal, Wire, EPESE, WebMoney, Paxum, OKPAY, ePayments, Capitalist.

Payday Mansion is a great affiliate program for webmasters. It’s a chance to turn your payday loan traffic into real money. The key difference is that Payday Mansion doesn’t work to promote everything from credit cards to weight loss offers. Instead, it offers two categories to promote: USA payday loans and UK payday loans. The conversion may be as high as 80% for the UK market and 40% for the US market.

To join the program, you need to receive an invitation code from an existing affiliate. You get a series of ad creatives for promotion, like Flash, JPG, and GIF banners that you can put on your affiliate website. Also, you’ll find iframe forms, public sites, and the ability to generate your custom landing pages using Payday Mansion’s CMS.

Why Promote Payday Mansion?

Working with Payday Manion means you can get more than a few hundred dollars monthly. They have many good converting campaigns, reviews, and landing pages that look professional. Commissions that can be even as high as 90%.

#7 LeadsMarketleads market affiliate program

  • Commission Type – CPA, CPS;
  • Referral Commission – 3%;
  • Payment Frequency – Net-30, Varies;
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Bank ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, WebMoney, EPESE, Payoneer.

LeadsMarket is another alternative to LeadsGate. It operates as a real-time marketplace since 2011. As an affiliate, you can earn more money per lead, per click, and impression. Thus, the company offers you a choice between Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Call options. So, it all depends on the type of traffic you receive.

As a marketer, you can send traffic directly to the LeadsMarket website and earn a commission. Also, the company offers many affiliate tools and benefits for you to promote the brand. As such, you can use helpful materials to improve your PPC, SEO, and overall marketing strategies.

Why Promote LeadsMarket?

Take advantage of everything LeadsMarket has in place for you. As a result, you will get much more than 90 percent of your revenue. Check this great converting, high-quality affiliate program with excellent reviews and see the result.

#8 Check Citycheckcity affiliate program

  • Base Commission – $1 per lead, $50 per sale;
  • Commission Type – CPL, CPA, CPS;
  • Referral Commission – N/A;
  • Payment Frequency – Monthly;
  • Payment Method – Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Payoneer.

Working with the under-banked since 1989, Check City is the leader in the loan niche. The company provides short-term loans for those who need funds quickly. Becoming a Check City affiliate is easy. Sign up at Commission Junction provider to start providing qualified payday loan leads. The overall application process is secure and simple.

As an affiliate, you have an incredible opportunity to earn more. Compared to other programs, Check City looks much more interesting option. The company will pay the owners of these websites for their referrals if they fill out an application and receive a loan. Want to see the difference? Check what the program offers.

Thousands of people are searching for payday loans, and you can help them. The Affiliate Marketing Manager will help every step of your way. A decent cookie length and commission rate are also the benefits. 

Why Promote Check City?

Check City is a great opportunity to benefit as a marketer. And the best thing is that you know what you can get.

#9 LeadNetworklead network

  • Commission Rate/ Percentage – Varies per application;
  • Commission Type – CPL;
  • Referral Commission – 3%;
  • Payment Frequency – Weekly;
  • Payment Method – Check, PayPal, ACH (Direct Deposit), Wire Domestic, Wire International, WebMoney.

When looking for an alternative to LeadsGate, give LeadNetwork a check. They are an expert in the payday loan affiliate business. So the program can help you increase your income. The company doesn’t make too much fuss over themselves, though they know how to do the job. It uses advanced proprietary software to track genuine leads. Thus, you can get the highest payouts per lead in the industry.

As a partner, to increase your income, quality leads are a must. Affiliate marketers who invite publishers to join the team get three percent of those sales, too.

Why Promote LeadNetwork?

LeadNetwork is a sweet deal for affiliates with the best traffic. So, if you plan to earn in this industry, join the team and convert your traffic into income.

#10 LeadsGateleadsmarket

  • Commission Rate/ Percentage – Up to $230 per lead;
  • Commission Type – CPL, CPS, CPA;
  • Referral Commission – 5%;
  • Payment Frequency – Net-10;
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Wire, EPESE, ePayments, WebMoney.

Finally, LeadsGate is worth attention for a good reason. It is one of the most affiliate-centered payday loans programs out there. Whatever traffic you will deliver, LeadsGate will pay for it. No wonder it has generated and aggregated over 75 million leads since its inception.

Whether your niche is payday, personal, or installment loans, LeadsGate has a program for it. Lifetime commissions are the best part of this program. As a marketer, you can get the highest possible payout. For that, the company puts leads for auction. And the cost-per-lead varies between $1 and $180.

Why Promote LeadsGate?

If you opt for a steady source of income, then LeadsGate can help you with that. If you know your traffic and can go for quality, payday with LeadsGate pays off.

Bottom Line

And when you decide to get a piece of this lucrative payday loan industry pie, think again. You can always start working with direct loan lenders, but the key for that start is heavy traffic from the get-go. The beauty of this niche is that it needs more customers. Well, who doesn’t?  Anyway, knowing your traffic, your prospects’ needs, and niche key points can get you ahead of the competition.

Just because there are many alternatives to choose from, you can always give it a try and see how far you can get. Nothing happens overnight, of course. And impressive passive income is a result of hard work. Finally, if you love your niche, it can be a great motivator to making money.


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