Guest Posting for Affiliate Marketing

Guest Posting for Affiliate Marketing

Are you having a blog or a website you’d like to promote online? Guest posting should become a significant part of your strategy in 2019 as the modern search engine landscape has become much more competitive than it was 10 years ago. Don’t limit the growth of your website.

Affiliate marketing can help you get even more traffic using guest posting sites. Here is how you can generate more traffic by scaling and modernizing your guest posting strategy and why choosing a professional company is better than doing it on your own.

What Is Guest Posting?

If you are having a blog or website you want to promote and have more traffic, you may opt for guest posting service for affiliate marketing. Guest posting is the process of writing a guest blog posting on the blog of another website. This is a great opportunity to boost referral traffic and backlinks for bloggers to choose to write posts for other websites. Make sure you choose other blogs within your niche so that these posts are relevant and will encourage people to click the link.

Guest Posting


The Benefits of Guest Posting Services

Every blogger and website owner wants to have more and more readers. The organic search results take some time to move your posts up in the search rankings. One of the top ways to develop your credibility and increase the rankings is to submit a guest post.

If you want to expose yourself to a wider audience and increase traffic, you may use guest posting for affiliate marketing on your own, join a group of other bloggers, or turn to a professional company and rely on their expert help.

Here are some of the greatest benefits for you:

  • Build Your Domain Authority (DA)

DA is a ranking score of a search engine that predicts the potential ranking of your blog or website. Domain authority is affected by various factors that include social signals, linking root domains, total link number, etc.

Guest posting blogs may help you build and expand your Domain Authority by including a link to your blog in the content of other websites. This way your traffic, as well as DA of your own website, will increase.

  • Obtain Important Backlinks

Backlinks are often called inbound or dofollow links. They are mainly links from other blogs or websites to your blog. Google estimates backlinks as a source of credibility and confidence. So, using backlinks may help you increase the credibility of your blog and move it up in the search engine rankings.

Such backlinks can be compared with votes during the election – the more you get, the more trustworthy and valuable your blog is considered to be among search engines. However, remember not to use generic anchor text as nobody wants to click the “click here” phrase that doesn’t promise any value.

  • Generate Referral Traffic

Your guest blog post may also bring your more referral traffic apart from SEO benefits and getting backlinks. Your traffic will be generated and increased each time readers come through the guest post and click the links.

The professional tips from guest post guidelines tell us not to add backlinks to your home page or sales landing page. Instead, add a link to a service page, a useful article or tutorial that will be helpful to the readers.

If you want to get the success you should know about the main marketing mistakes to avoid them.

 Measuring Traffic from a Guest Post Service

One of the most essential things you can measure accurately while guest posting is traffic. Make sure there is a guest post tracker included in your guest blog post so that you will be able to define what traffic comes from that particular website and not from the others. On the other hand, there are certain factors that will determine how much traffic you can get from a guest blog post.

Guest Posting


–     If you are searching for other websites on your own or with a small group of other bloggers.

Ultimately, every guest post blogger wants to create relationships with new influencers and other bloggers within their niche. This is one of the best benefits of guest posting and gives you an opportunity to collaborate with many interesting people. However, there are some pitfalls along this road that may prevent you from achieving your long-term goals.

For instance, depending on which website you post your guest article, you may or may not generate traffic. You need to find websites and blogs with lots of traffic on a daily basis so that more people click on your links. Also, if you decide to publish guest posts on websites that are not relevant to your blog or are outside your own niche, it will bring you no traffic at all.

–     If you turn to a professional agency that will help you choose the most suitable blogs and websites to publish your guest posts.

A digital marketing agency with experienced specialists can solve this task much easier and faster and help you find more visitors and generate more traffic in less time.

They know how to find blogs and websites with plenty of traffic. In addition, they know where to place the link in the guest post to get more visibility and performance of your blog. The last but not least factor is whether your link will be kept alive within tracking parameters.

Did you know that the host website may keep the link in your guest post up to several weeks and later remove it? They do it in order to protect their own website because they suggest you won’t pay attention or will forget about it later on.


So, if you want to be sure that you are dealing with reliable host websites, promote your blog and increase referral traffic by applying to a trustworthy digital marketing agency and use guest posting for affiliate marketing.

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